CVS Essence of Beauty: Finding The Perfect Venue


This past June The ES Team teamed up with CVS & Kaplow PR to design an event which would create buzz and excitement for CVS’s Essence of Beauty Fine Fragrance brand story and new products, including 4 new fine fragrance collections: Secret Woods, Forever Paris, In The Tropics, & Wind Kissed.

A major focus of this event was placed on the venue selection – which needed to evoke the essence of the new product collections. The brand & PR teams were very specific and required a space that would highlight the natural elements in each of the 4 different collections.

The ES Team then applied the following filters:

  1. Ideal location for maximum guest attendance (not too far uptown / downtown)
  2. Welcoming and upscale entrance
  3. A venue that has not been overused by other beauty brands
  4. Overnight access for the ES team to install prior to the 9AM event start time
  5. Most importantly – within budget!
Midtown Loft

Midtown Loft

gramercy park

Gramercy Terrace

After several rounds of venue recommendations, 2 finalists emerged; the classic Gramercy Terrace & the Midtown Loft with incredible park views. The client liked both options and their different approaches to the event’s objective. Gramercy Terrace is a quintessential event venue with upscale catering, gorgeous lobby entrance, and existing greenery. The loft venue was a blank slate in which ES would create an indoor garden environment with the added element of surprise.

eventstyle-cvs-033In the end Gramercy Terrace was the winner due to it’s location, prestige and existing garden rooftop.  The ES Team got to work developing a plan to enhance the rooftop garden and represent the 4 distinct personalities for each of the new collections.  An authentic area for each of the fine fragrance collections created to highlight the product ingredients, graphic themes and individuality.

eventstyle-cvs-066A custom graphic pedestal was created from each of the new collection’s packaging themes to showcase the full product line within each of their environments.

Praise from our client:  “The venue and décor was stunning and truly made it the lush interactive experience we had always envisioned. Thank you to you and your staff for your excellence and professionalism in making it come to life. It was seamless on my end, which means I know how much work went into the presentation of it all!” 

– Danielle Marcus, CVS Communications Manager



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