Adieu to Summer

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EVENTSTYLE Founder Mark Addison co-hosted an exclusive luncheon with Alejandro Saralegui, Director of the Madoo Conservancy, to bid farewell to another successful summer season and introduce potential new patrons to the magical gardens of Madoo.  An artistic theme was created for the luncheon, which was inspired by the lost legacy of artist and Madoo Founder Robert Dash’s paintings. The guests dined al fresco in the garden at a table of Mark’s design following a tour of the property led by Alejandro.

DSC_4633 62The tabletop décor was created using painter’s canvas drop cloths as the table linens with each guest’s place setting painted on the linens in a trio of bold acrylic paint colors. A single still-life inspired centerpiece was fashioned using fruits from a local farm stand as well as flowers and foliage from the garden.

The menu was designed with an artistic eye to thread the artful theme throughout the guests’ experience!

DSC_4499 2Waiters with glasses of champagne and garden-inspired essences of raspberry mint, lemon ginger and rose greeted guests at the entrance.  Each guest chose a blend of the essences to create a personalized and colorful Champagne Cocktail.

DSC_4506 6

The hors d’oeuvres consisted of Finger Paint Crudité passed in individual compote glasses with three different bright dipping sauces and a Tomato Watercolor with basil oil and bread stir stick.

DSC_4723 105

The first course was Paint by Numbers Flatbread featuring an individual flatbread for each guest to personally “paint” with a variety of infused oils, spreads and purees in artist trays placed on the table. Additionally each guest had an individual palette of herbs, salts, and pepper at each of their settings to further personalize the seasoning of their edible masterpieces.

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The salad course was a Cubist Salad featuring locally sourced ingredients of avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelon cubed and arranged in an artistic square and finished with champagne vinaigrette and micro greens.

DSC_4863 44

The main course was a Landscape & Seascape, a playful take on the surf & turf featuring poached chicken in a field of broccoli with potato stones and broiled shrimp in a sea of yellow squash spaghetti, inspired by the foodscape photography of Carl Warner.

DSC_4892 57The dessert course was truly work of art! Individual Palettes of Petit Fours were created with brightly colored cake icing overflowing atop 5 miniature cakes presented on authentic plastic painting palettes.  Verbena Nasturtium Tea accompanied the sweet ending.

Guests enjoyed the final tour of the Summer House gardens as they departed to enjoy the remainder of their Labor Day weekend! …Until next year, Adieu Summer!


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