Thierry Mugler’s Launch of the Latest Fragrance Angel Eau de Toilette


The EVENTSTYLE team was challenged to bring the dreamlike brand to life creating a seductive universe for a guest list made up of A+ celebs and international journalists. The launch also served as the introduction of Eva Mendes as the newest face of Angel.

Eva Mendes Reveals Her New Campaign for Angel by Thierry Mugler - ARRIVALS

Eva Mendes & Naomi Watts pose on the Thierry Mugler step & repeat

The ES Team worked in collaboration with the client from beginning to end; from creating the overall concept, developing and designing every detail of the event to execution that exceeded expectation.  A major focus of the ES team’s expertise was devoted to bringing the Angel Universe depicted in the TV commercials to life.  ES Sr. Event Producer, Justin Swisher, recapped the most important of the goals and challenges of creating the Angel Universe.  “We wanted to create an ephemeral world that was enchanting, fanciful, sensual, and theatrical. This was a collaborative journey working with the French client in ensuring the event complemented the advertising campaign which was simultaneously being produced in France.”

It was key that the event atmosphere would be the highlight the week-long event program and pay homage to the classic Angle Eau de Parfum as well as the NEW Angel Eau de Toilette.   The main reveal of the evening and a driving force of inspiration for the event design was the new Ad campaign and in particular the TV commercials for both fragrances alike.

How did we bring both the Angle Eau de Parfum and Angel Eau de Toilette to life?  The ES team crafted unique brand experiences that flowed throughout the event always bringing focus to the product DNA; design, color, materials, gastronomic olfactory elements and mystique.

The first interaction was custom entrance arch the guests walked through designed in the likeness of the NEW Angel Eau de Toilette bottle creating Hollywood-style red carpet entrance.


The 80 ft. long presentation stage was designed and custom made to reflect the train platform seen in the TV commercial.  The backdrop to the stage was a 120 ft. video wall depicting an ever-changing digital universe of stars, colors, and light effects specially created to compliment the reveal of the ad campaign and reinforce the Angel Universe theme.

TMStageFollowing the presentation, guests returned the entrance where they were met with a sleek and stylized carnival complete with a cirque du désert of snow cone cocktails, mini cotton candy, petits fours, macarons and other bite size treats all served from modern carnival carts.   With only 20 minutes to complete the entire transformation from red carpet arrivals to carnival after party, rehearsals were performed beforehand to ensure that it could be done seamlessly and quietly.  With the transformation completed precisely as the presentation ended, the guests were ushered  into the new world of Angel Eau de Toilette with a glamorous boldness fitting to Thierry Mugler himself.

The event was nominated as a BizBash finalist for Best Overall Event Décor – well deserved!  Visit for more of our award winning work.


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