StriVectin: “Get Even with Age Spots”


The ES Team collaborated with Chrysallis to launch a new product line from StriVectin-EV. Meant to brighten skin complexion and help correct age spots, the “Get Even” Product Line was launched with an event not only introducing the products but also explaining the research and science behind the formula. The EVENTSTYLE team had to incorporate the element of education, ensuring that beyond the presentation and speaker content, that guests were actively engaging and interested in learning more about the product.

www.andremaier.com212.388.2272Upon arrival, custom moleskin notepads and pencils in line with the brand’s colors were presented to each guest to take notes and record important information. Committed to theme threading, The Sentry Centers served as a great venue for this event with accents of the brand’s color, red throughout the space. A custom stage designed by ES incorporated the brand’s logo and graphics inline with the packaging.


A breakfast buffet of light bites was served before the presentation with shots of smoothies, fruit parfaits, and mini quiches. During the program, four panelists and a moderator presented how the serums could brighten and enhance your skin’s complexion to an audience of leading New York editors and alike. During the presentation guests had access to an iPad with images from each expert’s segment. This element allowed guests to magnify the presentation images featured on the two larger monitors such as before and after shots.


Custom product displays with the brand’s images were created by The ES Team and were featured throughout the space for guests to sample the products while speaking to the StriVection experts. Guests also left with a Strivectin-EV gift bag which included full sized “Get Even” products and information to take back to their teams.


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